A 41-minute ‘dark’ Marathi film makes the Slumdog… cut

Posted in Latest News by marathitheatre on एप्रिल 2, 2009
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Like Jamaal, Salim and Latika, Ranka and Chimi are also Mumbai street kids. Except that their story is darker and they are not as famous as the Slumdog Millionaire children. But they are getting there,They are the stars of Manjha, 28-year-old Marathi filmmaker Rahi Anil Barve’s debut film that released in 2007 at the Mumbai International Film Festival, where it picked up the Golden Conch for Best National film and later won the Indian Documentary Producers Association award for Best First Film by the director. Forgotten soon after, it is now being resurrected for a global DVD audience on March 31 thanks to Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle.

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