Success of “Mi Shivaji Raje Bhosale boltoy”

Mee Shivajiraje Bhosle Boltoy is the first Marathi film to break all records in the first week of its opening. Producer Sanjay Chhabria of Everest Entertainment speaks of his impressive debut production “In the third week, Mee Shivajiraje Bhosle Boltoy was showing in 210 theatres with 550 shows per day when it had already grossed an astounding Rs 6.26 crore all over Maharashtra in the second week. We opened Mee Shivajiraje… on April 3 at 160 theatres followed by 190 theatres in the second week. Besides Maharashtra, we also released the film in Ahmedabad and Surat in the first week. In the second week, it opened in Indore and Goa. No Marathi film runs beyond eight days in Belgaum but Mee Shivajiraje… is going very strong even in its third week, thus breaking records even there. It is also the highest grosser in the Nizam, CP-Berar and Mumbai circuit. Interestingly, the film has been made at a budget of approximately Rs 3.8 crore, very high by Marathi film standards.

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