“मी शिवाजी राजे भोसले बोलतोय” – Movie Review

A popular Marathi adage mentioned in the film says ‘ Shivaji janmava pan shejarcha gharat ’ (Shivaji should be born but only in neighbour’s house). This very saying highlights the hypocrisy of the Marathi Manoos in this film (and on a broader level every passive countryman). They all sing laurels of the valour of Maratha King Shivaji Maharaj but don’t have the nerve to follow his footsteps or philosophies.

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  1. parandwalviju said,

    Yes, It’s nice movie. A Movie shows that how is the condition of ‘MARATHI MANOOS’ in Mumbai. So we need to do something. So we will be live in mumbai proudly.

  2. mygr8blog said,

    Good Movie …


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